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The main Inspiration behind the this is Sri D. R. Patnaik,

the then Head of the Department of economics, of R.S.R.K. Ranga

Rao College, Bobbili. Sri S. Vinayabhushan, Head of the Dept.

Eiglish of the sams college Is my close companion

in tills venture. The Head priest of the Gadaba Tribe, Sri Ithaiah

is my Gadaba language teacher. The students of the college are

my catalysts. Prof. S.V. Joga Rao and Prof. G.J. Somayaji are the

people behind my resurrective effort.

Though he is not very much acquinted with the subject,

Sri P.V. Sivarama Murthy, Head of the Department of English,

R.V.V.N. College. Amaravathi, has readly accepted the laborious

task of finalising my English translation out of his love for the

persuit of research and the friendly bond that exists between us.

I am very much grateful to Mm for this.

As long as this book remains useful in linguistics, I shall

remain grateful to all those who extended their active cooperation

in making this maiden venture of mine see the light of the day.

But for the financial assistance extended by the Telugu

University, Hyderabad, the publication of this book would not have

become possible.

The Staff of Sri Lakshmi Ganapathi Printers took all the

paias to print this book in a stipulated time.

Last, but not the least, I express my deep debt of gratitude

to **Sri Papayardhya SafaitI Kendram" for their ready acceptance

to publish this book.

APfil 1992                                          (Sd.) Dr. V. SUBBARAO